WPL A2W Premium Cold Climate Heat Pumps

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WPL 15 A2W Premium
2 ton cooling, 23 kBTU/hr heating
WPL 25 A2W Premium
4 ton cooling, 50 kBTU/hr heating

  •  Highly integrated & comprehensive cold climate heat pump and tank system
  •  Monobloc with energy efficient inverter technology
  •  Central heating and cooling, with DHW heating
  •  149°F/65°C flow temperature
  •  2.77 COP Cold Climate Efficiency
  •  Heating capacity down to -4°F (-20°C) ambient


WPL Wall-mount installation with WK2 mounting rack

WPL A2W Premium, HSBC 300 Integral

Monobloc central heating & cooling plus DHW with inverter technology

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These highly efficient cold climate air-source heat pumps use outdoor air to produce hot water for central heating, cooling, and domestic hot water production. The compact monobloc design uses output-dependent control and efficient inverter technology. Heating and cooling output is perfectly matched to the compressor speed using its variable speed capability. This reduces on/off cycling, increasing component life expectancy. Improved room climate during summer is accomplished with active cooling using circuit reversal.

High flow temperatures even with low ambient temperatures

Flow temperatures of up to 149°F (65°C) are achieved even at low outside air temperatures. This is due to a combined enhanced vapor injection/enhanced saturated vapor injection that cools the scroll compressor. High flow temperature makes the WPL suitable for modernization projects that may need a high heating temperature. The WPL is also perfectly suited for use in new or old construction designed for lower flow temperatures.

High efficiency through optimal engineering

WPL A2W Premium

Waste heat from the inverter is used to raise the return temperature. Demand-dependent defrosting is accomplished through circuit reversal and the condensate pan is heated by the refrigerant circuit. Both of these increase the overall efficiency of the system. No electric defrost heating is required due to a hydrophilic coating on the fan nozzle that prevents ice from forming. An emergency/auxiliary electric resistance heater is incorporated for efficient operation when necessary. Optimally matched components ensure high efficiency and low operating costs are realized all year round.

WPL heating capacity vs. ambient air temperature

WPL cooling capacity

WPL heating COP

Low operating noise

WPL can be installed in neighborhoods with strict noise requirements. Maximum sound power level is 61 dB(a) for the WPL 15 and 66 dB(a) for the WPL 25. A quiet mode reduces those numbers to 50 and 54 dB(a) respectively. WPL meets strict German urban and dense neighborhood noise requirements. Extremely quiet operation is accomplished several ways. During partial-load operation, modulation allows slower fan speed and a lower sound level. An encapsulated refrigerant circuit and acoustically isolated compressor both help reduce sound levels. Plus air resistance though the evaporator has been lowered by using wide gaps between the fins, also reducing noise.

Engineered and manufactured for long-term performance

The WPL can be connected directly to the heating system due to an integral anti-vibration mount. A pivoting electrical connection panel makes for easier installation. The condensate pan is easily reached through a cleaning aperture on the back of the casing. The enameled, corrosion-protected metal casing in alpine white is made from hot-dip galvanized, powder coated sheet steel. Fan grill, recessed grips and top cover are made from weatherproof, UV-resistant plastic in aluminum white color.

HSBC 300 Integral simplifies installation

HSBC 300 Integral basement installation

The HSBC 300 Integral is an all-in-one single appliance solution for WPL installation. It comprises a buffer tank, DHW tank, system controller, and all necessary pumps, valves, and diverters. The integrated WPM controller in the HSBC is preprogrammed for fast system commissioning and manages heat pump operation in addition to the heating, cooling, and DHW system.

WPL A2W Climate Heat Pump can provide space heating, cooling, and DHW

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Hydronic glycol connection to tank, not refrigerant

The WPL refrigerant circuit uses R410A and is hermetically sealed then rigorously tested for leaks at the factory. The WPL heat pump circuit is completely self-contained. Connection between the WPL and the HSBC is hydronic using a glycol solution. No HVAC technicians are required during installation. This greatly simplifies installation.

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Recommended installation for the WPL is with our SK 1 T-mount rack or WK 2 Wall-mount rack. These racks elevate the WPL off the ground. Installation on a pad foundation is not recommended in areas with snow build up. Other important mounting considerations are detailed in the installation manual which should be consulted before siting. These include installation requirements for sufficient clearance for air intake and outlet, and proximity to salt water.

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