Stiebel Eltron has been pioneering renewable energy technology including heat pump water heaters and solar thermal hot water systems since the early 1970's. Our commitment to comfort through efficient technology has always been one of the company's core values. Today we are a world leader with our expertly-crafted, cutting-edge Accelera® heat pump water heaters; which are capable of major energy savings in a home similar to what a solar hot water system is capable of. More info...

We’ve been manufacturing heat pump water heaters since the 1950s. We don’t do it like the others do. Designed from the ground up to rely on the heat pump, not on the back-up element. We don’t call the Accelera® a “hybrid” because it’s not.

Stiebel Eltron has been designing solar water heating systems for 50 years. Because every installation is different, we have a full line of solar thermal components. We are committed to making and supplying the best solar thermal components available.

Highly efficient single- or dual-coil DHW tanks that integrate with any hydronic boiler system or solar thermal or geothermal application.

Single coil domestic hot water tanks with integral 3.0 kW backup heating element that are well-suited for solar thermal, geothermal, or other hydronic applications.