PSH Plus Wall-mounted Tank Water Heaters



  •  Residential or commercial use
  •  Wall mounting saves floor space
  •  Adjustable temperature control 86-167 °F (30-75 °C) for safety and comfort
  •  Temperature control located in front for easy access
  •  Quality finish
  •  Elegant enough for residential use
  •  Rugged enough for commercial use
  •  Thick polyurethane insulation 1 7/8˝ (48 mm) for low 24-hour stand-by losses
  •  Special "CoPro” glass enamel coating ensures long tank life
  •  Sacrificial anode protects the tank
  •  Optional wall-mounted drain pan available


PSH Plus Wall-mounted Water Heaters always look good installed.

More comfort

The PSH Plus storage water heater is a new style of compact water heater that can be installed wherever hot water is needed.

The unique wall-mounted design frees up valuable space. The combination of a smaller capacity tank with a powerful 3 kW heating element results in a quick recovery time. The special porcelain enamel coating, and the highly effective sacrificial magnesium anode, ensure a long service life.

The PSH Plus water heater is easily connected using copper, pvc, or pex tubing.

Perfect for:

  •  Homes
  •  Apartments
  •  Commercial applications

An optional wall-mounted drain pan is available.

PSH Plus Drain Pan

  •  Complementary design to match heater
  •  Easily mounts on wall below heater